GHG Emissions:

Fossil Fuels (Generator, Boiler, Vehicles) - 417.82 MT
Non Manufacturing (Air Cooling & others) - 16.97 MT
Indirect GHG emissions (Electricity) - 1234.67 MT

Water Discharge: 13843.3 KL

Solid Waste Generation:
Sludge - 1.36 tons
Paper - 2055 Rims
Tube lights - 414 units
Broken Needles - 73.3 Kgs

Taking 2016 as the base year, we have set a target to reduce to reduce our energy intensity by 2% by 2020 for the entire Radnik group.

In 2017 we have already observed a 1% reduction in energy consumption compared to 2016.

This indicates increasing energy efficiency brought about by continuing investment in energy conservation, especially replacing conventional lights by LED lighting and use of clean and efficient fuel in boilers for steam generation.